• Multisensory Art

  • A synaesthete's Still Life (2022)

    Bruno Mesz, Marcos Trevisan, Mariano Sigman (Idea and design)


    Felipe de Ávila Franco: objects


    Roberto Azaretto: music


    Fragrances: IFF


    Aknowledgment: Javier de Verda (IFF)


    A flattened ontology of the sensorium underlies “A synesthete's still life”: the traditional vertical hierarchy between “primary” and “secondary” senses is relativized and horizontal crossmodal associations that translate taste into the other sensory modalities are foregrounded. Bitter, salty, sour and sweet incarnations of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" emerge amidst taste-inspired objects and a NYC smellscape emerging from within them: Bubble Gum (sweet object), Coffee Moka (bitter object), Living Hemp (sour object), Pizza (salty object).

    Food in New York; Bigger than the Plate. Museum of the City of New York (2022-2023)







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