• Multisensory Art

  • Emotional Plates (2020)

    Multisensory Installation - Bruno Mesz and Sebastian Tedesco


    Fragrances: IFF


    Kepler’s Garden – The Garden of Curiosity”. Festival ARS ELECTRONICA Linz, Austria, 2020

    Premio Andreani 2021


    Multisensory installation on the conceptual design of tableware with embedded digital tablets, conceived from the results of a cognitive test on cross-modal correspondences generated by musical emotions (Energetic, Overwhelming, Agitated, Tender), and aimed at creating multisensory gastronomic atmospheres.


    Acknowledgements: The video of the plate for the Energetic emotion has the following soundtrack:

    B&LB for percussion.

    Composer: Santiago Santero

    Percussionist: Bruno Lo Bianco