• Multisensory Art

  • Perfume de Yuyo y Alfalfa (2019)

    Cross-modal Performance and Smell Organ

    Bruno Mesz and Sebastián Tedesco


    Museo Casa Carlos Gardel, Buenos Aires International Tango Festival 2019



    The work consists of a performance where a “smell organ” is used to play a series of tangos that have been “smellified”, in order to explore the cross-modal and emotional effects of aroma on the perception of music.


    The “smell organ” is a cross-modal system that associates notes (in fact, pitch classes) of a piano with a series of spatialized aroma release devices. The selection of the aromas that smellify each tango arose from an investigation of the olfactory references in the universe of tango lyrics. Examples: Legui cane (caña Legui), hair gel (gomina), wisterias (“glicinas”).


    Piano performance: Bruno Mesz

    Collaborators: María Zegna (aromas),

    Technical collaborators: Carlos Sztaynberg, Leonardo Potenza, Camilo Álvarez

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